US Coal Show – Longwall Edition

Longwall USA Exhibition & Conference


US Coal Show – Longwall Edition

US Coal Show Returns May 5-12, 2023


MMI Cancels US Coal Show

Mining Media International Inc. (MMI) announced it has canceled the US Coal Show, which was scheduled to take place May 4-6, 2021 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “With the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and the delays with vaccinations, the decision to cancel was the prudent choice,” MMI President Steve Fiscor said. “We had a core group of supporters willing to participate, but the uncertainty surrounding attendance did not justify moving forward with the event.”

Longwall Mining

Today, fewer longwalls produce more coal than a decade ago. They must be well-planned and properly supported for success. The US Coal Show will continue to offer a forum for U.S. coal operators as well as trona miners to discuss this safe and highly efficient form of mining.

Room & Pillar Mining

All underground coal mining operations, including longwall mining, depend on room-and-pillar mining with continuous miners to produce coal. Development with room-and-pillar mining is an important aspect of longwall mining. The US Coal Show will discuss advances in this area, such as communication, ventilation, rock dusting, etc.

Coal Handling & Storage

Some longwall faces produce more than 7 million tons per year. To do that, the outby coal haulage systems must have the capacity to transport and store that coal. The US coal show will explore modern coal handling and storage techniques.