The Vision for US Thermal Coal

By Dan Connell, senior vice president of strategy, CONSOL Energy

Session 1:

Health and Safety Considerations for Underground Coal Mining

The Benefits of Voice Comms, Tracking & Data in the Working Section

By Eric Hansen, CEO of Innovative Wireless Technologies

Findings From NIOSH’s Ventilation Team for Improved Safety in Unconventional Gas Wells Located in Abutment Pillars of Active Longwall Mines

By S.J. Schatzel, V. Gangrade, K. Ajayi, E. Watkins, H. Dougherty, and Z. Khademian

Optimization of Face Ventilation Systems 

By Bryon Cerklefskie, Turnstone Industrial Solutions

Field Test of Canopy Air Curtain on a Ramcar for Dust Control in Underground Coal

By W.R. (Randy) Reed, J. Colinet, S.S. Klima, A. Mazzella, G. Ross, M. Workman, T. Morson and J. Driscoll


Session 2:

Longwall Systems

Proximity Detection on the Longwall Face: An Update From CONSOL Energy

By Todd Moore, CONSOL Energy

Shearer Guidance: An Update on Face Automation From Tunnel Ridge

By Rob Colaw, Alliance Resource Partners

Stability Evaluation and Risk Assessment of Shale Gas Wells in Longwall Chain Pillars

By Peter Zhang, Daniel Su, and Heather Dougherty; NIOSH, Pittsburgh Mining Research Division

Methane Drainage: Modern Degasificaton Strategies

By Pramod Thakur, manager, Degas Group for Murray Energy, and Mike Mosser, principal, Mosser Resource Consulting



Session 3:

Room & Pillar Operations

An Update on CONSOL Energy’s Itmann Mine Project

By Brandon J. Williamson, engineer, CONSOL Energy

High-capacity Coal Conveyor Systems

By Murray Energy

Rock Dust Attributes Required to Mitigate Coal Dust Explosions

By Marcia L. Harris, Inoka E. Perera and Connor Brown, Office of Mine Safety and Health Research, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Arc Flash in Underground Power Control Centers

By Greg Sanders, president/CEO, Becker